2 in1 Heating Coaster Smart Wireless Phone Charging




Keep the temperature not hot

Identify foreign objects
Mobile phone wireless charging
Surface waterproof

Intelligent identification of metal objects such as keys, coins, bank cards, etc., to avoid power consumption in the air, and to use more safely.
I accidentally poured water on the coaster, it’s okay! The panel adopts a new integrated waterproof design, safe and comfortable!
This product supports QI standard wireless charging protocol, the maximum output power can reach 10W, and it is compatible with the 7.5W fast charge of Apple mobile phones and other standard 5W charging.
Wireless charging bottom cooling aluminum sheet
Aluminum alloy energy gathering base, high temperature heat dissipation and low temperature energy gathering  

Size: 25*25*15cm
Color: black white
Material: ceramics

Packing Content:
1 x warm cup


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