360 ° intelligent follow face recognition head



The 360 ° Intelligent Follow Face Recognition Head Is a Versatile Gimbal Robot for Your Mobile Phone. Think of It as Your Own Personal Cameraman for Video Conferencing, Streaming, and Social Media. Simply Turn It On, and It Automatically Rotates and Follows Your Face and Body Movement.


  • No App Required: With A Built-In Camera, This Device Will Automatically Follows You without The Need to Download the App
  • Rechargeable Battery: Built-In 2200 M Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Can Work Continuously for 6-8 Hours After Being Fully Charged
  • Portable: Detachable Holder, Easy to Carry, Perfect for The follow me, Trip, and Traveling
  • Tripod Compatible: It Has a Standard 1/4 Inch Line, Which Allows You to Install It on The Tripod and Adjust Its Angle and Height to Easily Capture the Results You Want
  • Suitable for Live Streaming, Recording, Meetings, and Much More.


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