50 Corrugated Paper Boxes White Outside and Yellow Inside



The paper box were easy to assemble and the boxes were strong enough for your usage. The boxes are fairly thin on their own, these work fine as long as you put padding inside boxes.  they are versatile with the ability to vary the thickness of the box.  easy to use, great size for shipping items, and easy to put together boxes. So don’t hesitate, it’s a good choice for you!

1. Made from new materials
2.  lightweight
3. Moisture proof
4. Fine workmanship
5. Waterproof & Tight fit
6. Perfectly suited for needs

1. Material: Paper
2. Color: (Outside: White & Inside: Yellow)
3. Dimensions: (6 x 4 x 2)” / (15.20 x 10 x 5)cm (L x W x H)
4. Weight: 0.09lb / 0.04kg

Package Includes:
50 x Paper Box


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