Handheld Spray Disinfection Gun Wireless Electric Sprayer for Sterilizing




1. Cordless Fogger: Built-in with a 2000mAh lithium battery, the electric sprayer can work continuously. External with a type-c interface, it only takes full charge. It supports USB charging, fast charging, over-charge, and over-discharge protection.

2. Anti-Blocking Nozzle: This cold fogger uses ABS  shell material, and a liquid draft tube with an anti-clogging and integrated liquid filter design, which greatly improves the clogging of nozzles and draft tubes.

3. Portable Design: After the bottle is filled with solution, this mini sprayer weighs only lightweight, which is more convenient to carry, and is more suitable for one-handed operation. You will not feel sore in your arms when operating for a long time.

4. Widely used: Especially in special times, suitable for living room, school, office, shopping mall, car, gym, etc, including indoor and outdoor. And Apply to gardening, flowers, humidification, deodorization, etc. This cold fogger will make your solution more effective.

5. Ergonomic design: This product adopts an ergonomic design and is very convenient to use.

Size: 20*5*18cm
Color: white
Spray type: Mist spray, jet spray
Battery: 2000mAh, 3.7V
Charging: USB TYPE-C connector, 5V=1A

Package Content:
1 pc * Wireless Electric Sprayer(battery included)
1 pc * Usb Cable
1 pc * Manual


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