Klein Tools KT223X4-INS Lineman’s Insulating 4-in-1 Box Wrench



The Klein Tools Lineman’s Insulating 4-In-1 Box Wrench Is the Only Double Ended 4-In-1 Wrench on The Market to Meet the Astm Standard 1000 v Rating. It Features a Transparent Handle that Shows the Metal Ends of The Wrench Are Not Touching. the Solid, Wrench Features Four 12 Point Socket Sizes: 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8”, and 3/4”. Reverse Ratcheting Action by Simply Turning Wrench Over.. Chrome Plated Finish Resists Corrosion..

textured Grooves in Handle Prevent Slipping.. Chrome Plated Finish Resists Corrosion. for More than 160 Years, Klein Tools Has Manufactured, Professional-Grade Hand Tools that Deliver the Performance, Durability and Precision Needed to Get the Job Done Right. Our Family of Engineers, Workers and Craftsman Continue to Put Six Generations of Expertise Into Every Tool We Create by Workmanship, and Keeping Manufacturing as Close to Home as We Can.

klein Isn’t Just the Name of Our Company, It’s Also Our Family Name. and Since We’re an American Company That’s Family-Owned and Family-Run, You Know You Can Count on Us to Be Here Tomorrow.

Klein Tools Doesn’t Just Make Great Products, We Make Great Products that Stand up To the Demands of The Professionals Who Use Them Every Day … Since 1857.


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