Mechanical feel keyboard



The Mechanical Feel Keyboard Low Profile Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Combines the Comfort of Low-Profile, Low Travel Keys, with The Performance of Ultra-Fast Cherry Mx Mechanical Key Switches and Stunning Rgb Lighting. 


    • High-Performance Controller Switch: this Wireless Switch Controller Supports Motion Controls, 3 Levels of Dual Motors Vibration Feedback,6-Axis Gyro Somatosensory, Auto Sleep, Turbo, and Screenshot Functions.

    • Built-In Dual Motor and Motion Controls: with 6-Axis Gyro Somatosensory and Motion Controls Functions, the Controller for The Nintendo Switch Enables High-Precision Recognition of Direction and Visual Field; the Switch Game Gamepad Can Be Adjusted with 3 Levels of Shock: Strong, Medium, and Weak, Providing Excellent Vibration Effect. Somatosensory, Vibration, Turbo, and Screenshot Capabilities Give You the Same Experience as The Original Pro Controller for A More Engaging Gaming Experience.

    • Turbo Function: this Wireless Pro Controller for The Nintendo Switch Supports Turbo Function:6 Shots/s., Greatly Enhancing Your Switch Gameplay.

    • Designed for Nintendo Switch Game Player: the Slight Concave Design of The Joystick Contours to Your Fingers Perfectly. Our Switch Controller’s Streamlined and Non-Slip Design Makes It Perfectly Fit Your Hands and Give You a Comfortable Feeling. as A Game Lover, You Can Play Games for A Long Time without Uncomfortable Feelings.

  • Long Battery Life: built-In 400m Ah Rechargeable Battery, Switch Remote Controller Provides 12-15 Hours of Continuous Gameplay After Fully Charged. the Switch Pro Controller Is Charged by A Type-C Usb Cable. Bluetooth Connection: Bluetooth V2. Quickly and Stably Connected with Switch Console Within 10 M (barrier-Free Environment).


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