Self Centering Dowelling Jig



Automatic positioning pin, each time can easily and accurately find the center of a board; No need to measure, no tedious trial and error correction. This makes it a perfect tool for the mortise and mortise layout, and the mortise and tenon joint.

– always the center of death, the self-centered position. This layout tool connects all the guesses from the precise mortise and mortise to your stock. Based on the reliability of the parallelogram, the parallel arm with high accuracy, high precision and high precision is characterized by the fast adjustment of the material and the center rod death center is on the material. Just use a pencil, mark knife or ensign tool to mark the location of the center bar of your stock, and you’re done!

– choose from four tenons and mortise bushes. Changing the thickness of your mortise and mortise is quick and easy. Just fix the thumb screws and switch to the width you want. 6/8/10MM size of the drill set of three, 6/8/10MM pin. These are all the sizes you need, and it’s important to reliably find the center of the stock in a variety of layouts. Use this feature to mark accurate stock centers with a writing tool or mechanical pencil.


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